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FRESH & PURE Filtered Water for your office or home.
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Filtered Fresh Toowoomba

Filtered Fresh Toowoomba is a leading water filtration company, independently owned and dedicated to serving the Toowoomba region. Our primary focus lies in the supply or leasing of high-quality Re-fillable Water Cooler systems, eliminating the need for the mining, purifying, and delivery of bottled spring water. In doing so, we contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing plastic waste and providing a cost-effective alternative for our customers.

 As part of our extensive product range, we also supply and lease various water filtration solutions, including whole house filtration, tank water filtration, bore water purification, above bench, below bench, Reverse Osmosis, and hands-free water filtration products. With a customer base of over 500 satisfied clients, we take pride in our role in reducing plastic waste and providing fresh, pure, and chemical-free water to hundreds of businesses and homes in the Toowoomba region.

Water Coolers Toowoomba
Water Filters Toowoomba

Product Lease

💧 6 Monthly Servicing
💧 Filter Replacements
💧 Installation

Our Products. 

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Hands Free Refillable Water Cooler

💧  Easy HANDS FREE operation

💧  Hot, cold and ambient water

💧  12 Month Product Warranty

♻️ Eco-friendly

D25 Plumbed In.png

Plumbed In Water Coolers

💧  No need to refill

💧  Available in Hot/Cold  and  Black/White

💧  Only $11 + GST per week

♻️ Eco-friendly

Reverse Osmosis Set.jpg

Reverse Osmosis Systems

💧  Connects to main water supply

💧  Removes nearly all contaminants from water

💧  Only $14 + GST per week

♻️ Eco-friendly

Tank Filter Square.png

Under Sink UV Filters

💧  Makes your tank water safe for consumption

💧  Uses UV light to kill bacteria

💧  From $549.00 + GST

♻️ Eco-friendly

Plumbed In Small.jpg

Bench Top Water Chillers

💧  Connects to main water supply

💧  Available in Hot/Cold  and  Black/White

💧  Only $11 + GST per week

♻️ Eco-friendly

Above Sink.jpg

Counter Top Water Filters

💧  From $135.00 + GST (not including installation)

💧  Great space-saver

💧  Connects to existing tap for easy installation

♻️ Eco-friendly

Filters Square.png

High Quality Filters

💧  Variety of filters to suit any application

💧  High quality US-made products

💧  No extra middle-man costs

♻️ Eco-friendly


Water Bubblers & Fountains

💧  Ideal for schools and businesses

💧  Vandalism and impact resistant design

💧  Only $14 + GST per week

♻️ Eco-friendly

Wall Mount Boiler.jpg

Wall Mounted Water Boilers

💧  Enjoy boiled water from the first drop

💧  Best solution for high volume water needs

💧  Only $14 + GST per week

♻️ Eco-friendly

Shower Head.png

Shower Filter

💧  Removes chlorine from water

💧  Excellent for reducing allergies and eczema

💧  Easy to install

♻️ Eco-friendly

Bottom Fill Water Cooler.jpg

Bottom Load Water Cooler

💧  No more heavy lifting!

💧  Available in Cool/Cold or Hot/Cold

💧  Black or white satin finish

💧  3 Year Product Warranty

Whole House Triple Filter.png

Whole House & Tank Filter Systems

💧  Connects to main water supply

💧  5 micron sediment and carbon/silver filter

💧  From $599.00 + GST (not including installation)

♻️ Eco-friendly

HydraSmart Square.png

Bore Water Conditioning

💧  Chemical-free solution

💧  Conditions bore water, river water, saline water and water rich in minerals

💧  Easy to install and long lasting

♻️ Eco-friendly

Sensor tap - Black.jpg

Hands Free Sensor Tap

💧  Fully HANDS FREE sensor activation

💧  Hygienic with zero contamination

💧  Extra tall 32cm spout

💧  Sensor in nozzle

♻️ Eco-friendly

Undersink Filters.jpg

Under Sink Water Filters

💧  Connects to main water supply

💧  Flows through faucet built into your sink

💧  From $399.00 + GST (includes filter and tap)

♻️ Eco-friendly

Caravan Filter.jpg

Caravan & RV Water Filters

💧  Ensures great tasting water while on the road

💧  Easily connects to your vehicles water system

💧  From $149.00 + GST

♻️ Eco-friendly


 Housings and Parts

💧  Variety of casings and parts to suit any application

💧  High quality US-made products

♻️ Eco-friendly

Undersink Chillers.jpg

Under Sink Water Boil & Chill

💧  Purification of both hot and cold water

💧  Stored under your bench to maximise space

💧  From only $11 + GST per week

♻️ Eco-friendly

Water Softener.png

Water Softeners

💧  Commercial, large capacity unit

💧  Best solution for high volume water needs

💧  Fully automatic

♻️ Eco-friendly

Every product leased with Filtered Fresh includes 6 monthly servicing, filter replacements and professional installation!

What our customers think...

Love the new water! Great service, easy to contact, very quick to answer queries and installation organised within a week.

Couldn't be happier!! ....the BEST service I've ever come across.
Ben is amazing and I'd highly recommend getting your water filter from Filter Fresh Toowoomba! You won't be disappointed.

I have been using Filtered Fresh in Toowoomba for many years to look after my whole house and under sink water filters. They have great products and servicing at a very reasonable price. Highly recommend.







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