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Plumbed In Water Coolers

Do you have a lot of thirsty employees? Do the kids at home like chilled water instantly. Then Filtered Fresh Water Coolers are the perfect solution for you.

Mains fed water coolers (sometimes called POU – Point of Use water coolers) are connected directly into your mains water supply. The water passes through an in-line filtration system using two or Three filters. A 5-micron Sediment filter and 0.5-micron organic activated coconut carbon / silver filter. This will remove inorganic chemicals, Bacteria, bad tastes and odours, leaving only crystal clear, fresh tasting water – and lots of it. No more changing heavy bottles or running out of water.

Filtered Fresh Water Coolers can supply mains fed water coolers in either Hot & Cold for instant tea and coffee or Cold & Ambient (room temperature) models. These can either be floor standing, or if you are short of space, we can offer a bench top model. Need another solution? Check out our other products.

Why choose a plumbed in water cooler?


Reduced cost

By choosing to have a plumbed in Water Cooler we can save you over 80% on the cost of purchasing bottled water.

Total cost control

No more fluctuating costs depending on the weather, one set fee.

Great tasting water

Our plumbed in systems are fitted with a filter which removes chemicals, tastes and odours leaving fresh tasting water that isn’t damaging to the environment.

No risk of running out of water

With the coolers being plumbed into the mains supply there is no risk of running out of water – even through the hot summer months.

Health and Safety

Remove the risk of injury when changing heavy bottles.

No more storage headaches

Get rid of bottles and free up your valuable storage space.


Help the environment

Don’t pay someone to take water from a bore or stream and then filter it, bottle it, store it and finally transport it. Reduce your carbon footprint. Go with a Filtered Fresh water cooler.

Lease:  $11.00 + GST per week

Purchase: From $749 + GST including filters

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