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Reverse Osmosis Systems

We supply and install both high volume commercial and domestic Reverse Osmosis Systems. Reverse Osmosis systems purify water by forcing it through a semi-permeable membrane. It’s a simple process, and one that’s been around for hundreds of years.

Today’s reverse osmosis systems use a membrane called poly-amide (PA) membrane. Filtering water at around 0.0005 microns, so fine that it can strain salt out of the water. RO is the only true way to remove all contaminants, bacteria and chemicals from your water. These include:

Inorganic Organic Aluminium Chlorine Arsenic Herbicides Barium Pesticides Cadmium DDT Calcium Endrin Chloride Lindane Chromium III Aldrin Copper Benzene Fluoride VOCs Iron Adrazin Lead Fluorathene Magnesium Phenol Manganese Trihalomethanes Mercury II Toxaphene Nitrate Dichloromethane Potassium Chloroform Selenium IV Trichlorethylene Silver Perchlorethylene Sodium Tannic Acids Strontium Methoxychlor Sulphate PCB Zinc Total Dissolved Solids Asbestos

Because RO removes so many bad properties within the water. We replace the minerals lost by adding a mineral stone compound filter that adds the good stuff back into your water. It is also at a PH of 8.5 to 9.5 alkaline. Making this the best possible water for your health. The only downside to a system like this is it rejects approximately 1/3 of your water down the drain as it is not fit for consumption. Depending on inlet water quality. If you do not like the idea of waste water. The waste water can be rejected into a tank for non-potable water, garden or lawn use.


Call us to further discuss the benefits and installation requirements

Lease: $14.00 + GST per week

Purchase: From $749.00 + GST includes alkaline and natural mineral filters to enhance quality.

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